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Consultancy Services for setting up Medical / Paramedical Institutions & Hospitals.

  • Establishment of Medical College & Hospital.
  • Setting up of Super Specialty Hospital.
  • Establishment of Dental College & Hospital.
  • Establishment of Nursing College / School.
  • Establishment of Pharmacy College / School.
  • Setting up of Paramedical Colleges (Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Laboratory Technology, and Radiology & Imaging Technology).
  • Setting up of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy and Homeopathy Colleges.

Education / Technical Consultancy

  • Technical Consultancy for setting up the College and Hospital as per norms of MCI/DCI/INC/PCI/CCIM/CCHUGC and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.
  • Preparation of Project Report for State Govt.– N.O.C. (Essentiality Certificate).
  • Preparation of Project Report for University - N.O.C. (Consent of Affiliation)
  • Preparation of Project Report for Ministry of Health & Family Welfare / MCI/DCI/INC/PCI/CCIM/CCH.
  • Identification of Equipments / Instruments/ Materials, etc.
  • Identification of Manpower as per norms of concerned statutory Councils.
  • Preparation of Blood Bank Report.
  • Conduct of Mock Inspection to prepare for LOI/LOP Inspection of MCI/DCI/INC etc.
  • Motivating the teaching & non-teaching faculty
  • Setting up Urban Health Centre
  • Setting up Rural /Primary Health care Centre
  • Monitoring Medical Records
  • Assistance in providing required guidance to the management for furnishing LOI documents for medical college / dental college.

Man power Consultancy / Placements of faculty & Staff

Assistance in Identification of teaching faculty as per Norms of MCI/DCI/INC and other statutory Councils

  • Identification of Non-Teaching staff
  • Release of advertisement
  • Assistance in Constitution of Panel Committee for selection
  • Scrutiny of Declaration Form
  • Scrutiny of Inspection Forms of Respective Councils

Materials / instruments / Equipment consultancy

  • Identification of Equipment / Instruments / Furniture / Materials as per respective Council Norms
  • Identification of OEM / dealers / suppliers
  • Call for Tenders
  • Comparative analysis of market prices
  • Quality verification of equipment & Instruments
  • Displaying the equipment and Instruments, as per respective Council Norms, for inspection.

Hospital management consultancy

  • Identification of critical areas
  • Installation of required software
  • Automation of Hospital services
  • Monitoring of Medical Records as per the MCI/DCI/INC/CCIM/CCH norms
  • Arrangement of empanelment

Financial Consultancy with experienced charted accountants

  • Preparation of Financial Report
  • Demand analysis of the Project
  • Compliance Report for Banking queries
  • Justification of Financial Report based on the Regulations of statutory bodies

Legal Consultancy

  • The Hon'ble Supreme Court of India and various High Courts have been pronouncing judgments on various matters relating to admission, fee structure, setting up of institutions etc in the field of higher education and many of the institutions are not keeping abreast of such decisions. The Company will provide such legal information as far as possible.

Architectural Consultancy

  • Consultancy will be provided with technical & architect consultants.
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